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Campaigning during a pandemic

This is the first time I have run for any office. I had a picture in my head about going door to door and talking to voters in the City of Sequim, getting to personally connect and hearing directly about your concerns. The pandemic and especially now, the delta variant, require a change in how I will campaign. I am fully vaccinated, wear masks and social distance but feel the need to limit contact with the more than 5,000 eligible voters in the City of Sequim. My campaign is coordinating with others candidates, dividing up neighborhoods and sharing campaign literature for five candidates all at once to reduce contact. I am coordination with Sequim City Council Candidates: Brandon Janisse, Rachel Anderson, Kathy Downer and Lowell Rathbun. We will be masked, standing six feet back and dropping brochures, door hangers and cards for all five at once where possible.

I will be participating in the League of Women Voters forum for Sequim City Council Candidates. The Sequim Good Governance League (SGGL) is planning events for people to meet their endorsed candidates. I have attend a few of those already and have really enjoyed talking to voters. I will participate in as many of more SGGL events as possible. Also, there have been "coffee talks" scheduled to meet in different neighborhoods throughout the city. The latest one was held outdoors, we were all masked and were social distancing. If you are interested in hosting a coffee talk, let me know. If you have ideas for other ways to connect and learn more about me and for me to learn about you, let me know.


Phone: (360) 565-4105

Take care,


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